Power Rankings 1.0

Written by Jacke Finne
Jul. 9, 2019
With the past two series that we were able to complete this weekend, we are exactly a third of the way through the regular season, in terms of series that we have completed. The Ironmen have been able to play half their season already, and the Hillcats and the Crusaders have been able to complete a third of their season. To be halfway through the season, the Nighthawks need to play against the Hillcats and the Crusaders.

During the third of the regular season that we have played, we have had some great games, including two that have gone to six innings. The Ironmen came out victorious in both of the games that have gone to extras. The Crusaders made history as the first team to sweep a series, when they won three out of a possible three games against the Hillcats this past Monday. The Hillcats grabbed the first series win in IWL History against the Ironmen.

With all of that said, it's about time that we have our first in-season power rankings.
  1. Circle City Crusaders (5-1): With the added incentive of being on the bubble in the most recent batch of NWLA National Rankings, Connor Whaley has led the Crusaders to an amazing start. In the Crusaders' first game against the Ironmen, the Crusaders won, 3-1, after Whaley pitched 9 strikeouts – the most in IWL History. Even though the Ironmen beat the Crusaders in the second game of the series, the Crusaders have since gone on a four-game winning streak, including a series sweep against the Hillcats. The Crusaders have been breaking records and making history left and right. In Game 1 against the Hillcats, Whaley pitched the first no-hitter in IWL History, even though he allowed two runs. Additionally, the Crusaders signed the first female in IWL History to a permanent contract. The Crusaders are off to a hot start, and there isn't a lot that could extinguish them at the moment. Expected Record: 15-3 – Previous Ranking: 1st (–)
  2. Indy Ironmen (4-5): After a 4-5 start to the season, the Ironmen have had trouble completing games. During Game 3 against the Hillcats, the Ironmen lost on a walkoff by Jack Marshall.  During Game 3 against the Nighthawks, the Ironmen gave up two runs, due to an error and a solo shot, respectively. During Game 1 against the Crusaders, the Ironmen gave up a three-run home run that ended up being the nail in the coffin. There have been at least two games where the Ironmen could've have won, but have failed to do so due to errors on the field. However, during the last half of the season, the Ironmen have the chance to make a run at the red-hot Crusaders. Jake Fine has all the right stepping stones in place, it's just a matter of being able to close out games and using all of his players to their full potential. The Ironmen also have the easier way out throughout the rest of the season, as 2 of their 3 remaining series are at home. Through 12 games, the home team has won 3 out of the 4 series. However, if the Ironmen can't figure it out, the second half of the season could be another bumpy ride. Expected Record: 8-10 – Previous Ranking: 2nd (–)
  3. Hoosier State Hillcats (2-4): If it weren't for being swept against the Crusaders, the Hillcats would definitely be second in the power rankings. The series win against the Ironmen was impressive, and Grady Hadar was able to lead them to a solid start. However, this past series against the Crusaders was something else. To put things in perspective, the Hillcats weren't at their best coming in. They were without their best player in Jack Marshall, and Lawrence Coan had been suffering from a hamstring injury that he picked up during a hiking trip. Even with that said, it was a disappointing performance for the Hillcats against the Crusaders. In both of the first two games, the Hillcats had a chance to grab wins. However, both games were choked away after consecutive 5-run 3rd innings. Simalarily to the Ironmen, even with the most recent performance against the Crusaders, the Hillcats have everything in place to make a run for first, if they are able to get a series win against the Nighthawks. Expected Record: 6-12 – Previous Ranking: 4th (▲1)
  4. Naptown Nighthawks (1-2): With one completed series to base the Nighthawks off of, there's not a lot we're going off of. The Nighthawks were able to compete with the Ironmen in the first game, but then they were shellacked in the second game. However, they were able to grab their first win against the Ironmen in Game 3. As aforementioned, other than the one series against the Ironmen, there isn't a lot to go off of. Expected Record: 6-12 – Previous Ranking: 3rd (▼1)
2019 Standings
Circle City Crusaders 5 1 - 0-0 .833 23 16 +7 2-1 3-0 W4 0-0
Indy Ironmen 4 5 2.5 2-0 .444 39 34 +5 2-1 2-4 L1 0-0
Naptown Nighthawks 1 2 2.5 0-1 .333 9 13 -4 0-0 1-2 W1 0-0
Hoosier State Hillcats 2 4 3 0-1 .333 26 34 -8 2-4 0-0 L3 0-0

Preseason Power Rankings

Written by Jacke Finne
Jun. 18, 2019
With games being played this week after Opening Day weekend was postponed due to numerous reasons, we feel that it's only right for the first set of power rankings to be released.
  1. Circle City Crusaders (0-0): Captain Connor Whaley had a great draft, taking some steals in the later rounds, including an absolute tank in Bo Marker. However, his earlier picks would make a 3-man roster that would be hard to beat. With the added bonus of Marker and Carter Schaffer, the Crusaders are for sure the team to beat. With high school experience on the mound this past spring at North Central High School, Whaley is looking to be the inaugural Cy Young winner of the Indy Wiffle League. Strong pitches with accuracy will prove Whaley as the toughest pitcher to get a hit off of. As it stands, the Crusaders are definitely the front-runners in terms of winning the IWL Regular Season title, and giving a run for the IWL World Series shortly after. (In addition, congratulations to the Crusaders for receiving votes in the most recent batch of NWLA National Rankings.)
  2. Indy Ironmen (0-0): Captain Jake Fine took away some key players in the draft that will bring some consistency within the squad. Questions about the pitching rotation for the Ironmen may be a problem, as no player has a history of playing pitcher, or baseball, for that matter. However, the all-around athleticism for the squad will provide some solid offense and consistent fielding.
  3. Naptown Nighthawks (0-0): Even with the first pick of the draft, captain Nate Killeen may not have the strongest team. The Nighthawks still had to pick Mr. Irrelevant and, other than their first pick, no one has a lot of history of playing baseball. Sam Bella is seemingly the pitching ace for the team, but with other obligations over the course of the summer, it may be tough for him to show his ability as a wiffleball player on the pitching rubber this summer. Other than Bella, the rest of the team is similar in the fact that they are all, for the most part, athletic, but Killeen may have some trouble with getting wins on the board.
  4. Hoosier State Hillcats (0-0): During the draft, captain Grady Hadar picked solid players in Jack French and Jack Marshall, but his late-round draft picks may prove to be an added weight to the team that doesn't provide an all-around great group of players. We'll have to see throughout the season how the Hillcats hold up, with possibly the most toxic lineup that a team could have picked. 
The first series on Friday will be between the Crusaders and the Hillcats.

IWL Draft completed – On to Opening Day

Written by Jacke Finne
Jun. 3, 2019
After an eventful draft at the commissioner's house, the rosters for all of the teams are set. Everything for the first season in the history of the Indianapolis Wiffleball League is set and ready to go for Opening Day. Within the next couple weekends, the first ever series in IWL history will take place between the first rivalry in IWL history, the Circle City Crusaders and the Hoosier State Hillcats. Albeit the history of both sides are short, the two teams are already intense rivals, and the matchup will be fun to watch.

However, prior to that, the commissioners uploaded the second video onto the IWL official YouTube channel after the completion of the first IWL Draft. The video goes through each round and lists off which player got picked when and where they are headed. In the future, the commissioners will upload more frequently as the season officially gets under way.

You can get to the video three possible ways from here:
  1. Press the Videos page on the top of the website
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the YouTube icon
  3. Simply watch the video in this article
Regardless of where you watch the video, please subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you can watch most, if not all, of the series throughout the first season, including the 2019 IWL World Series down the road.

IWL Draft Upcoming and Opening Day Scheduled

Written by Jacke Finne
May 31, 2019
After a vacant April and May, and over two months of nothing on our part, we can confirm we are, in fact, not dead. With finals and sports and other obligations, neither of the commissioners, or the other captains, for that matter, have really put too much thought into the league and its status. However, with school over and summer in session for most, we are able to say that the league is in the forefront of all of our minds.

Prior to the inactivity on our part, we had not reached the point of the inaugural draft, meaning that none of the teams are set. After a third run through of confirmations of potential players for this upcoming season, the inaugural Indianapolis Wiffleball League Draft for the 2019 season has been set for Sunday, June 2nd. All of the captains will meet up at a yet to-be-determined  location (probably one of the captain's house) and a yet to-be-determined time (probably not 2:51 a.m.) to make their picks that will decide the outcome of the season.

With that said, Opening Day is planned to be the weekend of June 8th, but the final judgment will be made later this week. In conclusion, the inaugural IWL Season will be kicked off with the draft this weekend and, within the next two weekends, the legitimate season will be underway. Make sure to stay tuned!

A Beginning of An Era | 2019 IWL Season Preview

Written by Jacke Finne
Mar. 16, 2019
Although most of you most likely already know through social media, this evening, the commissioners posted the first video on the league YouTube channel and you can go check it out now.

The video is hopefully the first of many on the channel, so make sure to subscribe to be able to keep up with the content. As some may know, the commissioners are planning on having all of the games recorded to be able to post onto YouTube. Eventually, the games may be live-streamed on the channel, so if you want to check those out, stay tuned to the IWL's YouTube channel. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the YouTube emblem, or you can click the link right here. Also, you can get the link to a certain video by going to the newly created "Videos" tab, which can direct to the specific video you're looking for.

Anyways, I hope you all are ready for the Beginning of the Indianapolis Wiffleball League and the Beginning of an Era.